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Narrows Co-op Preschool

It's More Than a Preschool; It's a Community!

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Narrows Co-op Preschool

Currently enrolling all classes for the 2016-2017 year!

At Narrows, we feel strongly about an individualized, child-centered program involving Play To Learn.

Discovering how to play with others is a first step among many steps--and it's harder than most people think!  Once your child is exposed to play with peers on a routine basis they learn more than just playground manners. 

Narrows encourages each child to learn for themselves:
  • Respect for the individual child;
  • the ability to think and play creatively;
  • the ability to grow and develop inner controls;
  • the ability to discover and use individualized resources.

The best years of a child's learning-life are from birth to age 6. 
             Be a part of the wonderful joy that comes from seeing your child grow with us!