About Narrows


Narrows is...

Narrows has a play-based philosophy, as play is how young children learn best. Children go on to kindergarten self-reliant and having learned incredibly valuable skills of cooperation, self-regulation, creative thinking and problem solving.

Our classroom is bright, colorful, and cozy, with plenty of free play time of a child’s choosing - large motor play, imaginative play, puzzles and games, art and other fine motor activities. Themes change monthly and children are exposed to early literacy and math concepts as a natural part of the school day.

We have a large outdoor play area on-site, and children play outside nearly every day. And children have the opportunity to make trips outside the classroom as well – from visits to the nearby Curran Apple Orchard, to theater performances and science trips.

Narrows Co-op gives parents a chance to celebrate those fleeting first few years with their children and build a great foundation of respect and cooperation. Many parents find that this experience allows them to develop friendships for themselves and their children that can last far beyond the preschool years.